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Pie Baking Classes

pie PieBelltown Community Center is offering a dlicious pie baking classes throughout the summer, just in time for all that delicous fruit and berries coming in season! Check out the first class: Cherry Pie on Wednesday, June 25 from 5-8pm. You will learn to make everything from scratch and bake your own mini pie. More pie: Apple Pie on Wed, July 2 from 5-8pm Savory Pie on Wed, July 7 from 5-8pm Rhubarb Pie on Wed, July 16 from 5-8pm Space is limited to 8 students and advance registration is required through this link or by calling 206-684-7245, or in person. You can take one or more pie baking classes in the series. The more you take the less the price per class. To receive the discounted rates you must register over the phone or in person. 1 class $35.00 | 2 classes $33.00 each | 3 classes $30.00 each | 4 classes $25.00 each Instructor: Carrie Carrillo For more information, stop by Belltown Community Center at 415 Bell Street or call 206-684-7245.