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Panhandling Behavior On Belltown Streets

Reposting this at the courtesy of the Belltown Community Council


We need your help! If you want to make a difference in Belltown tell us your story.  


Have you been frightened when walking in Belltown? Did someone follow you or say things that are not acceptable public behavior? While walking down the street did someone ask you for money and then verbally abuse you for not paying? Did a person seem to target you while walking and enter your personal space?


We want to hear your story if these or similar activities have occurred to you.



Councilmember Burgess and the other Councilmember’s need to hear from residents and business owners on aggressive panhandling starting this week if we hope to be able to pass stronger restrictions this fall. For more information click: New Rules For Panhandling


We have the opportunity to do something about this issue in Belltown. The BCC hears many complaints and now we have the start of a legislative process to make a difference. Do your part to help us get these new regulations approved by the City Council.


Send your story to all of the following Councilmember’s:


Please send a copy to me at This will help BCC follow up with the City Council to promote these new panhandling regulations.


Your personal story in your own words are best, but if you who would like some help on what to say in your email / letter feel free to use the following outline:


I urge you to support these common sense restrictions on panhandling in Seattle. I am writing to urge you to support stronger restrictions on panhandling in our Belltown community. The prevalence of panhandling in Seattle is getting worse, creating an unwelcoming environment in my neighborhood. I regularly encounter individuals who aggressively ask me for money, making me feel unsafe in my own neighborhood. The proposed restrictions are common sense measures that will make our neighborhoods and business districts safer and more welcoming for all. I believe we have an obligation as a community to help those in need, however, I don’t believe we have an obligation to allow individuals to solicit money from others near ATM’s, bus stops, sidewalk cafes or while they are getting in or out of their car. The current law is ineffective and must be strengthened. It is time for Seattle to impose common sense restrictions on panhandling just as other cities in Washington and across the country have done.



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