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Open art and performance in Belltown?

I was chatting with Jesse from Bedlam Coffee last night and I asked him if he knew of any regular open mic gigs in Belltown. It turns out, he didn’t.

I moved here from the Midwest, and even though we weren’t as big or cultured as Seattle is, we still had a fair amount of easy-access, easy-to-share performance events. Most people call them open mic nights.

Do you like writing poetry? Ever thought of reading it in front of people in a place where you wouldn’t feel laughed at? Have you written a few songs that would actually sound decent in front of people? When you aren’t slaving away at work, do you have a painting hobby that you’d like to share?

I love the art community I’ve seen here in Seattle, but I’m nowhere near being able to commit to a professional art lifestyle. So for you Belltowners who have been around for a while, where does this stuff happen? Where is the approachable, “common folk” art? Is there a local coffee shop or something where Belltowners can share their creations with each other? Is this even something Belltown could be down with??

Anyway, I’m stoked to see this forum thing go up. I hope it takes off!