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On a positive note: Church members do clean-up in Belltown

by KING 5 News

SEATTLE – If Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood looks a little cleaner, you can thank volunteers.

Hundreds of volunteers from Mars Hill Church spent several hours Saturday picking up trash, clearing drains and covering up graffiti.

Some we talked to believe it’s a good way to serve the community.

“We’re just wanting to love on the city,” said one woman. “We just wanted to go through the Belltown area to help clean it up and make it look better.”

Don’t feel too bad if you missed out on participating in this year’s Green & Clean. (sorry we dropped the ball and forgot to post about it in advance) There’s another neighborhood group that has been cleaning the streets of Belltown for a long long while. They meet up on Sundays and have a pretty awesome screed.

People’s Belltown Republic is a small group of punk gardeners who attacked a block on 2nd Avenue in Seattle’s Belltown Neighborhood and never looked back. Every weekend we gather for one hour to care for our block.

We operate on a few principles:

1) We are non-hierarchical and apolitical.

2) We welcome anyone who wants to volunteer.

3) We work on one block, once a week, for one hour.

4) We don’t guilt out if one of us doesn’t make it.

6) We are a community.

When we’re done working, we typically hang out for a while to get a drink and catch up. We like pinball and Pabst. To contact us, email


2 Comments on "On a positive note: Church members do clean-up in Belltown"

  1. A fantastic, posivite news story finally!

    Belltown is a fantastic neighborhood, one that should always be maintained and improved!

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