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Olympic Sculpture Park Farmer’s Market- to be no more. :(

Saddest news ever. No Olympic Sculpture Park Farmer’s Market this year. I was just walking by the OSP this week talking with my husband about how I couldn’t wait for the Belltown Farmers market to be in season so we can do our shopping, hang with friends, sit in the sun, have a glass of wine, and take the free dance lessons. This is the saddest news ever. It was so much fun last year. What can we do to reverse this? Who do we talk to? I’m pissed. Maybe we can block off a street every week, like Bell Street in between 1st and 2nd, to have our Market? 

Check out the article here on the PI.

Here’s a link for the lame announcement on their blog…moving to interbay…lame, but mostly just so sad.

6 Comments on "Olympic Sculpture Park Farmer’s Market- to be no more. :("

  1. I’m still pissed that the park shut down the trolley, so whatever. The waterfront is dead to me ever since.

  2. for the use of “dead to me”.

  3. Here’s an idea: Create a section of the Market for an actual farmer’s market (i.e., local & organic) that caters to the local population rather than the polished fruit that’s on display for the paparazzi.

  4. Dave – I totally agree. Not only that, but have a small section that’s actually open past 5PM when the tourist herd meanders home.

    O I wish.

  5. TroyJMorris | April 12, 2011 at 12:32 pm |

    I had no idea this was a thing last year, but was walking from the Pike Place Market on Saturday thinking Belltown should have it’s own market– for while I enjoy Pike’s Place, our neighborhood should have it’s own Farmer’s Market to showcase our local flavor. A neighborhood Farmer’s Market is very different from Pike’s

  6. Meh — I am pissed about the trolley too! Although not so upset that I have given up on the waterfront altogether. Someone should do a story about what happened to the trolley. Did it ever find a home in Pioneer Square? Where is it?

    Insofar as a farmer’s market at the Sculpture Park. Um, didn’t seem like the greatest idea to me. There’s already a “farmer’s market” at the southern end of Belltown called Pike Place Market. Yes, it’s insanely crowded even in winter. I’ve found the trick is to go early in the morning. The produce vendors are actually out well before 9 a.m.

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