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Officer assaulted and injured during fight disturbance

Belltown is turning into a war zone between 2-3AM. Have you had enough of this? Is it going to take an officer getting seriously injured before someone steps up and demands that something be done? Hope they get Singaporean on this guy.

From the SPD blotter

On October 18th at approximately 2:25 a.m. an officer was on scene at a nightclub in the 2200 block of Western Avenue when he intervened to assist a nightclub security guard who was assaulted while breaking up a fight between two groups of males. The officer attempted to contact one suspect when he was grabbed from behind in a bear hug by a second suspect. This second suspect was taken into custody by the officer. When the officer went to contact the original suspect he was assaulted by this suspect. This suspect slapped the officer’s hand away when the officer attempted to arrest him. The suspect then pushed the officer in the chest with his left hand while raising his right fist towards the officer to strike him. The officer took this suspect into custody with the assistance of nightclub security.

While taking the second suspect into custody the officer sustained an injury to his right hand. The officer was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and was undergoing treatment at the time of this writing. Both male suspects were booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Assault, a felony charge.



3 Comments on "Officer assaulted and injured during fight disturbance"

  1. So a pushing match, which you can find on any elementry school yard officially turns the Belltown area into a “war zone” ? I work down there and 95% of people come out and have a good time 5% decide to cause problems and everyone goes crazy over it..

  2. This was at Venom nightclub – there was another incident there recently involving a gun, last week or so, I think? This place has almost as bad a reputation as the Tabela did (where Mars Hill Church is now). The worst problems seem to occur where there are next-door parking lots. One theory, which I’ve also heard from business owners in Pioneer Square, is that drug dealers and other people who have guns for the wrong reasons keep the gun in a parked car so they don’t get caught with it on their person. If the car is close by and the gun easier to get to there are more problems. Just a theory; I haven’t seen any statistics.

  3. ok, I embellished a bit. It’s not a war zone, but surely you have to agree that things are getting out of hand. We’ve had half a dozen shootings in less than a couple months. It’s not a massive problem, but there must be something that can be done to better control the rotten hooligans that are messing it up for everyone else.

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