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NYE Belltown Shooting Caught on “Phoenix Cam”

I’ve been trying to find more information on this shooting, as it literally happened in my backyard and there has been very little info online. While we had heard first person accounts from residents and bar/restaurant owners, it doesn’t paint a picture like this video.

We heard from a witness that the gang units were investigating and at least one person was shot, two people were seen leaving the scene in handcuffs. 

Phoenix Jones has a camera crew and also wears a camera on his body armor. He was just a few feet away from the shooting that happened in the alley way between 1st and 2nd Ave and Bell and Blanchard. 

Thanks to Lindsay Cohen for tipping us off to this video.

If the embed code is not working, here is the direct link to the video.

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  1. Was led here from a link at the Times. If you have “first person accounts from residents and bar/restaurant owners”, then you must know what time it happened? Why so few details in this report? Also, why was there a fire engine already on scene when the shots broke out? How about summarizing those first-person reports?

  2. This blog is a volunteer community blog, not a paid news source… I just did a quick post. Hopefully one of the news sources will pick up the story and have more info – as that’s their job they are paid to do and they have access to resources that I do not.

    There was probably a firetruck there because aid response (see real time 911 calls from 01/01 was called to 1st/2nd and Bell like 5 million times that night. Also, none of us really remember the exact time. It was NYE and we were all celebrating, too.

  3. We’re a close community, especially on 2nd Ave. A lot of the eyewitness accounts are people literally texting one another, making sure none of our best friends – who we knew were walking in that area at the exact time, were hurt. Then also texting versions of what happened to each other. The first text I received that said, “None of you have been shot, right?” was at 2:01am. One of our friends said it happened right as he was walking home, probably right around 2am. So, hopefully that should give you some context.

  4. So Phoenix Jones just happened to be there at the right time, just like he happened to be at a “fight” at the right time to use pepper spray and all the other things he has happened upon and intervened in. Doesn’t feel right to me.

  5. Thanks Elise. The Times linked to here from their front page, under “Community News Partners”, so I just assumed you’d be interested in getting at least the basics down. Since you posted that you’re trying to find out more information, it seems like the more info you can provide, the more it might jog someone’s memory.

    Even us non-paid volunteers can dig up info though. The SPD has a site that provides PDFs of police reports:

    This incident is shown as still open (“GO” number is 2012-230… look under 1/1/2012, Assault, then click on “1XX BLOCK OF BELL ST”), but the initial report includes some basics: happened at 1:52 AM, and offenses include aggravated assault, property damage, and narcotics possession (pill/tablet). If you check back in a couple days, there should be more info: the site says that for aggravated assaults “additional information is made available through a redacted full narrative. These reports are available within 3 business days after the event.”

    You might also want to contact Jonah Spangenthal-Lee who covers crime at … he likely has some knowledge of what happened…

  6. I was walking by at about 2:15 and wonder why the street was blocked off. Didn’t look good. I live on the Hill. As far as I’m concerned we’re all neighbors. Anyone know the condition of the victim?

  7. Why is it surprising that someone who patrols a trouble spot and runs toward noise and commotion would see violent activity? Hang out therefor a few weeks and run towards rather than away from fights and I suspect that you’ll see all kinds of stuff yourself.

  8. Why do you have to be a douche, mike?

  9. Hi Mike,

    I’m well aware of the sources you listed. By resources I meant time and interns to look everything up, as I already have a full time job (and a ton of PAID freelance work that keeps me way too busy.)

    But this is a community blog, meaning that anyone can post to If you’d like to post information, or a story, it’s very easy to do.



  10. Elise, do not respond to him, geesh…thanks for the post.

    The real issue is what happened and why, and if it came out of Copper Cart, than EVERYONE in BELLTOWN needs to find that out for sure…if your reading this and you know anything about what happened behind that fire truck, POST IT HERE.
    They have a poor track record that stems back to TABELA (sp?)
    if it did start there, then it’s time for them to go. Again.

  11. I was right across the street from this at a bar and have been searching as to what really happened. I walked out of the bar, prob at like 1:40 a.m., and the street appeared to have been just been blocked off. At this point, people were starting to trickle out and more cops were pulling in, from what I remember. I asked a few people what had happened, I was told it was a shooting though, by at least three different people. I did point blank ask a cop, but he ignored me. The video appears to be just right before I was there. Assault seems more likely, since I heard no shots. Thanks for the update, wish the Times or news would report!!

  12. I was also told a girl was shot by a guy, over what seemed to be a jealousy issue…likely he assaulted her instead?! All three stories involved a guy and girl, although it all seems suspect. Just what I heard being nosy and directly asking people. Like I said, I heard no shots…

  13. that girl actually got her two front teeth knocked out.

  14. Glad someone knows. Yikes. Poor girl. Thank you for the update, my bf has no computer at this point, and has been bugging me to find something out also! I was so surprised there was not more coverage, now it makes sense. Because it looked to be such a scene.

  15. He appears to be attracted to violence, he approaches it, has made a superhero game of approaching it. And he use the violence to excuse his own violent retaliation. I don’t trust people of violence.

  16. To ‘blah’… classy stuff! Excuse me for expecting the Times link would lead me to some basic info about what is known. And for adding some new info I took the time to dig up. You obviously have nothing of value to add.

    To Elise… gotcha, and thanks. I just wonder why the site is included in the Times’ partner network then… raises expectations all by itself. If it’s just random user postings, then I stand corrected.

  17. @ angrybelltown an the thumbs up idiots. u should try reading the police report before u start pointing fingers. u guys talk a good talk about protecting and policing your neighborhoods. the min “legal” arms bearing citizen”S” fire at these idiot thugs u retards want to blame it on the club. get your facts right before u point your fingers, cowards!
    @ the wanna be super hero’s.. u and your crew did the right thing by hiding….

  18. “and (IF) it came out of Copper Cart, than EVERYONE in BELLTOWN needs to find that out (FOR SURE)”

  19. I also read “They have a poor track record that stems back to TABELA (sp?)” The owner of Copper Cart HAS or HAD anything to do with TABELA. That just shows how ignorant you are. Get your facts right.

  20. I was outside the Copper Cart when it happened. About 8 to 10 gun shots were fired. Literally. I grabbed my gf and ran. I left my other friends behind, one of them stated the police had everyone on the ground and I saw multiple police cars and ambulances driving to the scene when we were searching for a cab. I would really like to see a news article but am unable to find one.


    you’ll note the name Kauser Pasha in the article, since you obviously work there,or know someone who does, you should know exactly who he is…and why his name isn’t on anything that the liquor control board can see…

    this is the same shit that plagued Tabela, and over and over the club claimed THEY had no responsibility…

    and I’m pretty much done with this issue here, it’s way bigger than one shooting (or three in Copper Carts case) so go ahead and defend them, your one voice in a sea of voices that wants them to go…

  22. Just saw the PI’s story on this with more details.

  23. I do not control who the Times does or does not link to – nor do I control this blog.

  24. Wow… paranoid much? Believe it or not, there are lots of people (unpaid, volunteer, citizens) out there willing and capable of doing some basic searches of info, though none of them apparently frequent this blog. I posted some info. Inside Belltown got some info. The SunBreak I see got some info. But Belltown People? Just anger from ‘angrybelltown’, paranoia from you, and a hostility to any actual information. Way to go. To answer your question, if you haven’t figured it out yet: no, I’m not related to The SunBreak at all. And still as I write this, the article above doesn’t even include the time of the shooting, in a night filled with mayhem. If you want to accuse someone of trying to get a story without doing work (and I’m not), wouldn’t it be the original poster above?

  25. This comment thread has turned in to a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

    If you don’t have something useful to post, don’t post at all.

  26. We were walking down that alley shown in the video right where the camera cuts to the second time ( where the guy in hand cuffs is laying)we had just turned that corner in the parking lot. the man on the ground was in an argument with someone in an apartment right behind copper cart one was on a porch and the other was down argueing (white male) they were yelling back and forth and thats when he started shooting recklessly bullets were wizzing down that alley towards the back. The fire truck was already there for the fight out front of cooper cart. The moral of this is, F*** belltown. to many wanna be thugg gangsta. If your into that kinda thing grabb your gun and head on down.. YYEEEHHAAWWW

  27. Hey now. I go by MvB for short, not Mike.

  28. The shooting that took place outside of The Copper Cart bar on New Year’s Eve did not result in anyone getting shot. However, three bullets entered apartment units of women living in the Bakhita Gardens building; one woman had her apartment unit window shattered by a bullet, and she was covered in glass. There are two bullets in the siding of the building as well.

    There have been ongoing issues with the patrons of The Copper Cart on the weekends. We are very concerned about the safety of the women who live on this block.

  29. wait what? the Shots were being fired at the back of Concept One?! Holy crap, Elise did you hear that? freaking hell…

  30. “No one was hurt in the chaos. Seattle Police say a security officer at the club returned fire. Two men were detained at the scene.”

  31. No one was hurt in the chaos? I’m sorry but I beg to differ, I know at least three people that haven’t slept well since, living next door to a place that has had two shootings is no longer exciting and urban. Not that it ever really was…

    Also, we’ve got many more details now, (thanks to our Jonny, who went to the source and chatted with the single cool door man) about the under-aged guy that tried to get in but couldn’t, about him waiting for his friends, it seems like an altercation with those friends that made under-aged guy fire his gun in the air, wild west style…that’s when security at the club fired back…the official story is the security guard went to his car and got his gun…I say bullshit on that, I know where he parks, and it would certainly take longer to run up to second, past the shop to the parking lot, grab a loaded gun and run back…many people know he carries that gun all the time, he’s quite fond of flashing it at people as a means of control (hey SPD, he keeps it on his left)it was the security guard that fired down the alley (towards Cory)

    I honestly don’t have that much against Copper Cart, they have made an effort to at least pretend like they give a crap about the neighborhood, they still have some issues believing that what happens out front is theirs to deal with. But the security staff is awful, possibly the worst I’ve ever seen, you even look at that big guy and he goes crazy…they need to hire some professionals if they plan to stay around. Tho at this point I don’t think they’ll get the chance to do that. Not thrilled about another empty space on the block at all.
    I’m quite literally at my wits end, I would never move Bedlam if I could help it, but being the reason that friends of mine were right there in the line of fire because “I” chose Belltown, is hard to very difficult for my to reconcile in my mind.

  32. Personally, I LOVE Belltown..But the police seem to be blind to the things going on in and around the area…My apartment overlooks the alley where the shooting took place but wasn’t home at the time..but the things I see daily JUST in that Alleyway can be funny at times and pretty disturbing most of the time..I shake my head at seeing all the crackheads just standing around on the corner of Bell and/or Blanchard and 2nd ave but rarely do I see the police…UNTIL something happens that is..How about having a little bit more police presence (especially on Fri and Sat. nights) in the area?

  33. Here is the link to the BBA’s letter to the Mayor decrying the NYE shootings in Belltown and inaction toward public safety:

  34. Dear _________ can you stop telling people that Bedlam is closing. I’m not sure how anyone got the impression from my post that Bedlam was leaving, but three people have asked me this question, and two of them said YOU told them this…please stop. Bedlam isn’t going anywhere and it undermines everything I’m trying to do if people think we are closing. Rumors are never good, and gossip is even worse. I’m sure you and your friends there would love nothing more than for us to leave (or burn, I believe was her term) But we aren’t going anywhere.
    Just to be clear, BEDLAM IS NOT CLOSING. geesh…

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