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No Trouble – by Paridon Willams

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Daily deeds
I have discovered the problem so I am going to offer a solution. A while back I wrote something encouraging that everyone try to do one “Super good” thing every day. Great idea, everyone has been in, however the problem became “The one good thing”, you see, the idea of that thing became a bit overwhelming because it was thought that it had to be spectacular, impressive, magnificent, almost incredible.

Hundreds of people walk the streets and roads of our towns, some are happy, others content, and a lot in need of something, perhaps it’s that brilliant smile of yours, or the sincere greeting. Super good is wonderful to the person who needs it the most; the small things, small to us but enormous to them because before you gave it they were without a clue of what they were in need of and some don’t even realize they got it but their life became better because you gave it or perhaps the outcome of their day just happened to be brighter than expected or just better than “Otherwise”.

Are we supposed to know what otherwise may have been?  Perhaps so because we have seen otherwise in the sad actions of the lonely and depressed … Do we hold ourselves responsible? No because our parts were done, we’ve done the small things but perhaps there’s not enough of us doing those small things or people are being selective in whom they give their kindness to.

We’re doing it but don’t put it aside trying to top your own performance, the small things are just fine but just in case I have an answer to what we may think has become a problem. Instead of just one(1) we are going to do four (4) super good things a day; the first two are easy because they’ve become second nature anyway, # 3 is going to be spontaneous and the forth is going to take a little extra effort.

#4. The big jabowski, or whatever you’d like to call it; this may be a little difficult because, just who do you wish to give that last daily act of kindness to … “Yourself”, yes I know that you’ve become a lot happier because you’re making other lives better but this one is for you. Do something nice for yourself everyday; have a cold beverage and kick back, laugh with a friend, clip your nails, or just drop everything and get some good sleep even with a little added loving action to put you to sleep, just do something for yourself. Whatever it may be, it’s going to be super because you know why you’re doing it.

There’s no concern about how big or small the things you do for others are, all that matters is that you’re doing them, it’s not an event or a contest, it’s just something; a part of your life that intertwines with others, a daily difference made possible by an extra effort of yours … that’s all.
~ Paridon Williams

P.S. If the original plan is working just fine for you, you can continue doing it that way. Remember what you’re doing is being done by choice, your choice, we’re not an organization or a club, I’m not a boss or a leader, all I do is inspire and encourage. You are the big hearted person that makes positive differences in the lives of others simply because … that’s how you roll. I walk my talk and despite of a few bad happenings it is clearly evident that a lot of people around me are happier, not only because of what I do but because of what we’ve done.

Our apparent relationship may be personal, casual, or cyber; however, we clearly share similar aspirations and we’ve instilled a likeness into our own lives that’s rippling out into and beyond our immediate surroundings even to the unaware and our actions are being positively mimicked, making that many lives much more enjoyable.
‘We are, simply because … “We are”!!