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No more Cops for Belltown…

From the SeattlePI

During a briefing with reporters, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn was asked about this week’s fatal shooting in Belltown.

McGinn said downtown safety will be a priority for the city’s eventual new police chief, but budget problems will likely preclude hiring more police officers.

“The news of that shooting was disturbing,” McGinn said Wednesday. “Just going downtown to enjoy our city shouldn’t be life threatening. We need to really do better here. I think there’s a host of ways to go with this. This will be the focus of whomever is selected as the police chief.

“We really need to do better here…”

“There are a host of ways to go with this…”

“This will be a focus of whomever….”

More about the tragic schooting can be found from the Seattle Times.

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  1. It seems to be a weekly lately that something goes wrong on Blanchard. I live downtown and it amazes me how two blocks from me there are all these issues but yet the police are handing out jay-walking tickets instead of protecting the citizens.

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