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New Tunnel Who Dis

Last weekend was full of excitement in Belltown, but the one event this reporter made it to was the new 99 Tunnel opening walk on Saturday February 2, 2019. We were lucky enough to get tickets for 2pm entry into the tunnel from MyBelltown favorite belltownjane.  As I read it the opening event had 70k free tickets for entry, and was also going to accept those walking up in a separate line. Well we got there about 12:30 to check out what was going on and found a very long line that we shuffled into and .5 miles or so from where we joined up at Harrison & Taylor we entered the tunnel.

Below you will find a few photos I took along the way including some signs indicating where under Belltown we were.


The new tunnel is 2 miles long and runs from SODO to South Lake Union without stops in-between as the Alaskan Way Viaduct had. You can find more information about the tunnel, demolition of the viaduct, and other related projects here:

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