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New menu for Belltown Pub

SONY DSCWhat you’re looking at is an Alsatian-style Flammkuchen, a style of flat-bread pizza that’s not an overloaded buffet of sausage and tomatoes and cheese but a delicate, subtle snack to accompany a refreshing glass of wine.

It’s one of the items on the new menu at Belltown Pub: onions, bacon, crème fraîche. There’s poutine if you like fries covered with cheese curds and gravy; there’s a pork carnita, a delicious salmon cake, flavorful Szechuan ribs, and, best of all (but lousy photo) a whiskey fondue (smoked Gouda and Jameson) with killer pretzel twists. Want something to drink? Try the Bacon Mary.


Belltown Pub co-owner Dave Tolan

Irwin and Zach

Co-owners Erwin Arceo and Zac Nethercutt

Belltown Pub’s signature drinks are the “Mules,” topped up with ginger beer and served in a copper cup. Zac Nethercutt, Erwin Arceo and Dave Tolan watch over the Pub with great warmth and hospitality. They’re also very dog-friendly.

Belltown Pub, 2322 1st Avenue, 206-448-6210