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Neighbor Notes

Items of conversation while walking & meeting with neighbors this morning:

 Deconstruction of the McGuire is slated to start this Monday (April 3) according to someone from Belltown Court.

 There’s an Argosy Cruise you can take that leaves pier 56 on the waterfront, goes through the locks and deposits at South Lake Union and then they’ll bus you back – or as Belltown residents we can easily walk to both ends.  Perhaps the BBA could get together and design a walk from one end to the other through Belltown and advertise it.

 This weekend there’s the Seattle Cherry Blossom & Japanese Cultural Festival going on at the Seattle Center, and the Downtown Volunteer Fair at the Josephinum (2

nd & Stewart) on Sunday. 

 We talked about how to know about pending traffic impacts and road closures – like when there’s a running race that closes 2

nd or 5th ave on a Sunday morning, or  when they close streets around the Seattle Center as part of Broad was closed today (so we walked down it. fun!)  For construction, SDOT allows you to subscribe to an email alert list here: , you can specifically subscribe to “Greater Downtown”.  However that seems like it’s just construction.   There is also a blog of “advisories from the Seattle Department of Transportation” called “On The Move”.  It covers all of Seattle but there is a subsection for “Greater Downtown” that has its own RSS feed. It does include non-construction notices: on Tuesday March 8th 2500 students [were] attending an event at Beneroya Hall and so 40 school busses [were] loading/unloading between 10:15 and 12:15; that the weekend of March 11-13th [were] a series of St Patricks Day events that close roads.  This seems like the news I’m looking for so I’ll give this one a try.

While poking around the City of Seattle website ( I found a large number of things one can subscribe to for regular information.  Of particular interest to Belltowners I see: The Department of Neighborhoods has a neighborhood newsletter that goes out monthly

In the Winter 2011 edition, the Josephinum is highlighted as a beautiful historical landmark in Belltown:    Also in that newsletter edition is an article noting that the Department of Neighborhoods has dealt with budget cuts by shifting to having a group of coordinators serve a group of neighborhoods rather than 1:1 as has been in the past.   “The Central Area consists of 5 districts (Central, East, Downtown, Lake Union, and Magnolia/Queen Anne).  They will be served by the Central Team (Christa Dumpys, Tim Durkan, and Stan Lock).”  A former neighborhood District Coordinator for Belltown, Kerry Wade, recently won an award: “Congratulations to our Neighborhood Planning Outreach and Engagement Team members – Kerry Wade, Thomas Whittemore, and Sebhat Tenna – who were awarded the Seattle Management Association’s Innovation and Change Management Award.  The award recognized their leadership in civic outreach and engagement. “ Congratulations Kerry!

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  1. Alex M. Dunne | April 5, 2011 at 6:42 pm |


    Nice post, and thanks for calling out the city’s online resources.

    Be sure to check out the free headline/update service (or @BlltwnBzz on Twitter). It pulls together news and updates from over 40+ sources around town, including many of those you cited. Every post is tagged by Nightlife, Daylife, Events, News, or 911+311 based on the nature and source of the update.

    And if you have text messaging on your phone, you can get the updates delivered on the go. Just text ‘follow @BlltwnBzz’ to US Twitter number 40404 (no Twitter account required).

    All the best, and see you around the 98121…


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