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My neighbor is the crazy Belltown gunman

I have lived in Belltown since I have moved to Seattle. Sure we have our crackheads, our prostitutes, our drug dealers. They are all scary but, with the exception of asking for money, they keep to themselves.

Well, last night I was with some friends at Del Rey, Belltown Pizza. It was a typical Thursday Belltown night where we were sharing some beers and having a good time in our local neighborhood. As I was heading home, I saw my block was just swarming with police. Seriously, maybe 15 cop cars, a swat vehicle, bike cops galore. The whole part of 2nd Ave was shut down between Bell and Blanchard. I did not realize it was my actual apartment until I asked a cop if I could go home and he said no, I could hang out on the street corner but it should not be too longer as they were in the suspect’s apartment.

I was not sure what was going on, other than what people were saying on the street. But apparently, my white haired neighbor with whom I have shared the elevator with a dozen times, was brandishing a gun and was held up in his apartment.

Really? A neighbor? My building does background checks and credit checks before anyone can move in. You have to use your key to enter the building and even to use the elevator. I thought I was perfectly safe in my concrete fortress in the middle of the city. Never did I think I would have to fear the neighbor in apartment on the 3rd floor.

When I woke up this morning I read the news and found out a bit more info. Apparently, the police found 16 guns from his apartment, not including the one he was pointing, according to the Seattle Times.

I am not sure, but I would have to guess this inmate is the gunman. He is the only person booked on weapons charges after midnight last night.

I do want to say this though, crazy gunman can be anywhere – the city, the burbs, churches, schools and everywhere in between. I know that, but yet, now I just feel a little less safe in my tiny Belltown haven.



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  1. Beau D. Simensen | July 17, 2009 at 6:45 pm |

    Hey! Was this the Concept One building? 🙂 Trying to figure that out and nobody is actually saying it! If this is intentional, please email me the info. I’ll keep it secret. 🙂 Just curious if I was in the building the whole time this was going on and didn’t know!

  2. it was.

  3. Unneccessary | July 17, 2009 at 10:11 pm |

    So because you want to appear special for living in the same building as the guy, you are going to post on the internet for all to see which exact building he lives in and the actual unit to find him in?

  4. the news also posted the exact same thing, and had actual pics of the unit? i am not sure what the difference is?

    and i do not think special is the term you are looking for.

  5. StillUnneccessary | July 18, 2009 at 3:04 am |

    Cute that you think you know what term I was or was not looking for. Someone with such a strong grasp of the English language should learn how to use correct capitalization in sentences.

    I see you removed his actual apartment number. Thank you. That was the difference. You published the address and unit number of a man who is presumably innocent until proven guilty, which I find hard to believe that the news also posted. Nice example of neighborly behavior for a neighborhood blog.

  6. I’m pretty sure the guy gave away his address when he was out on the balcony… waving a gun around.

    smart fella.

  7. One man brandishes one gun and the police deploy 15 squad cars? Makes me realize just how safe Belltown is.

    Other thoughts:
    Do not point guns at people; file a noise complaint!
    Did the accused request the patrons quiet down before drawing a gun on them?
    I see nothing wrong with a man owning 16 guns.
    I see nothing wrong with keeping a gun loaded in the home.

  8. we don’t know the full story here. It has the potential of being complex. There was a story a couple months back about a Marine who had gotten back from duty as a mortician. He lived on a busy street and the loud club music really got to him. He took it one step further and popped off a round to get everyone to shut up. Luckily, no one was hurt. He said he didn’t mean to hurt anyone and just wanted to make a point. Obviously, he wasn’t right in the situation. However, just remembering this story made me realize that there’s a potential back story here and definitely a string of human emotions at place that we don’t have visibility into at the moment.

  9. why does america love guns so much | July 22, 2009 at 9:31 pm |

    i think the fact that people need guns to make a point is already wrong. so my question is also that if the police were better at managing noise complaints, would this person have popped a cap on someone’s ass for something else? my vote is yes.

    i think people have deeper issues than the things that trigger the gun usage which is bigger than a breadbox.

    i don’t really see what the problem is with blogging about this story though. it’s nice to know what’s going on in your own backyard. everyone just needs to simmer down on the dramamamma.

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