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Musicians Priority Loading Zones Come to Seattle

Yesterday afternoon Mayor Ed Murray announced a program, Musicians Priority Loading Zones, with four locations serving five venues chosen to pilot the program. Belltown’s own The Crocodile and Tula’s are included in the first 5 venues and you should soon if not already see the signage about this program. While I am not a musician, I have gotten a ticket before for being too long in the 15 minute loading zones. I can only imagine the frustrations of only having 15 minutes to unload and load equipment, especially a drum kit. Here is a little bit about the program from the news advisory.

“Seattle’s music scene is a critical part of our city’s cultural draw and the quality of life in our city,” said Mayor Ed Murray. “We want to better serve local music venues’ needs and the musicians that play there.”

Here is how it works. Five music venues have been selected to pilot the program and have nearby load and unload zones modified. The zones prioritize musician’s use through branded signs. They include a yellow regulatory sign and City of Music™ branded ‘Priority Musicians Loading & Unloading’ sign.

The advisory also contact information for any venues would be interested in participating in this program. I have linked to this page here: Musicians Priority Loading Zones Come to Seattle

Let us know what you think about the new program, I would really like to hear from some musicians on this.