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Movie night at Henry & Oscar’s

SONY DSCThirsty? There’s plenty of time for a cocktail at Henry & Oscar’s. And then, since you’ve got your party clothes on, it won’t be long until the lights go down and the picture begins. Right now, it’s The Great Gatsby, a lavish blockbuster from the Australian director Baz Luhrmann that so far has garnered mixed reviews. But there’s no doubt that it’s the right formula for Mark & Katie Stern, the couple who own both Henry & Oscar’s and The Big Picture, the luxury movie theater just a couple of blocks away.

Not every movie’s going to have matching drinks, but for Gatsby they were a perfect complement, a supper-club, Prohibition-era cocktail menu.SONY DSC

Mark Stern’s grandfathers, named Henry and Oscar, were in showbiz, and the concept was to emulate Toots Shor’s legendary sports and showbiz hangout on West 51st St. (Those were the days! El Morocco, the Stork Club, the 21 Club! Joe DiMaggio, Frank Sinatra! Toots sold the place at the end of the 1950’s, reopened down the street a year later, and eventually got closed down for non-payment of taxes.)

What you don’t see from the bar is the rest of the restaurant, down the hall, swanky seating with private booths as well as large tables. One is labelled The Chairman, another The Godfather. You can have anything from bar snacks to a full dinner at Henry & Oscar’s, and you can order drinks and a Champagne-bucket of white-cheddar popcorn at the theater, along with another glass of Prosecco.

Henry & Oscar’s, 2525 4th Avenue, Seattle, 206-448-2444
The Big Picture, 2505 First Avenue, Seattle, 206-256-0566