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Moda Gets Repossessed

Our friend at Hideous Belltown has the scoop that the condominium building Moda is facing a perilous financial situation.

I received an email from tipster Chad on Friday. He detailed an outlandish story: he was walking by the Moda Apartments on 3rd, between Bell & Battery and saw some rather large men scaling the side of the building on tall ladders, apparently without the knowledge of Moda management. They proceeded to partially dismantle at least five of the building’s balconies and throw them into their truck. When Chad asked the guys about it, they said that the Moda owed them $20,000 and they were repossessing the balconies due to lack of payment.

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Calls to Moda Management have not yet been returned.

UPDATE: Got a hold of someone at Moda. She declined to comment and when asked if this was just a maintenance issue, hung up. If you live in one of these units, drop me a note so we can get your side of the story.