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Mayor’s Parking Plan Means Big Changes for Belltown

The Seattle Times posted a recap of the Mayor’s proposed parking rate increases. There are a lot of implications for Belltown area residents and businesses.


Excerpts From the Seattle Times – Mike Lindblom


  • Sundays would no longer be free for parking in Belltown, downtown, Pioneer Square and the Chinatown International District, but would remain free in other areas.
  • Meter fees rise to $4 an hour – NYC’s is $2.50, SF is $3.50, and Portland is $1.60
  • No longer could sports fans stake out a curbside spot for a Sunday ballgame, for more than the 2-hour meter limit.
  • Certain neighborhoods would have metered parking until 8PM

McGinn has said higher prices for street parking would free up parking slots more often, so drivers would circle the block less, reducing congestion and emissions.

Craig Benjamin, local Sierra Club conservation program coordinator, praised the proposal. The mayor’s plan taxes behavior that contributes to global warming and toxic runoff, Benjamin said, while subsidizing clean transportation modes.

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4 Comments on "Mayor’s Parking Plan Means Big Changes for Belltown"

  1. This fires me up. $4.00 an hour is ridiculous! NYC is $2.50, and our small city (in comparison) is $4.00! This would have great implications for our neighborhood. Why come to belltown to grab lunch or catch a game at a sports pub in the afternoon when you could go to capitol hill or queen anne or any surrounding neighborhood without these kinds of prices to park. Why go to the waterfront with your kids, when you could just go to greenlake. This will affect businesses that do business during the day and deter businesses (that aren’t nightclubs or bars) from coming down here. People that live in center city Seattle on average are wealthy enough to afford this, but people who come into the city to spend their money are not. $4.00 is outrageous and will greatly affect businesses in Belltown. This is outrageous.

  2. angrybelltown | October 2, 2010 at 11:27 am |

    damn that man is an idiot…or worse, an intelligent self serving prick. Tax the fucking bike riders you dip shit…tax them for the miles and miles of bike lanes, and make them take a test and get a license! most of them are barefoot hippies with no clue about bike safety…

  3. take it easy.

  4. So, the $4/hr is crazy, especially when many of the parking lots will do $10-$12 for an evening. I totally disagree with the hike… and I think it will deter people from coming to Belltown. Actually, I feel it is kind of a slap in the face to Belltown.

    I am on the fence about the hours. I think if you ask most businesses they will all complain about the parking in Belltown for their patrons. Of the businesses I work with, many of the spots in front of their establishment are taken between 4-6pm with the same car sitting there all night, presumably a neighbor or visitor that associated with a nearby apartment complex. Moving to 8pm (especially on Fri/Sat nights) may free up some of those spots for Eastside & Burbs people to park and eat at our establishments downtown. Yes, I know, I know… we don’t want the burbs people… But I am not talking about the bridge & ferry kids, I am talking about the adults that come downtown for dinner and a play, or a jazz show at Tula’s, etc.

    Going back to $4/hr, if that happens… The hours will not matter as much because that hike will just leave a sour taste in the driver’s mouth and they’ll choose another neighborhood, maybe even one with free street parking.

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