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Maximus Minimus – I ate it.

Yesterday I decided to take a couple steps outside of Belltown (I know, scary) and meet a buddy up for lunch. We decided to try the relatively new Maximus-Minimus food truck.

First off, I think food trucks are a great idea for Seattle. We need more of them. I’d like to see a roving band of food gypsies making their way through Belltown and downtown on a regular basis. Why is Friday night dominated by nothing but hot dogs?

Anyhow, back to the story. Here’s the quick summary – Maximus Minimus tastes good when you put it in your mouth. The pork sandwiches are great – spring for the cole slaw, it’s zesty and sweet and makes you feel like you’ve  eaten a meal. Skip the ginger lemonade. It’s a novelty sensation on your taste buds, but your throat will pay for the pleasure. It hurt.

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If your intestines want a date with this piggy, it’s not coming cheap. Yes, good food – but there’s a miss in terms of value. My total for a pork sandwich, slaw, and drink ran north of 9 bucks. That’s not crazy for a lunch downtown, but it does seem high for a pig on wheels.

1) Figure out what you want. DON”T TALK TO THE PEOPLE IN THE TRUCK. Talk to the person with the wireless star trek order taker thingie. Line up on the invisible line damnit.

2) Meander – we are fixing your food. NOT TOO FAR, the people in the pig cannot yell your number that loud. OMG, your food is ready, this is serious people!

3) Now, you have permission to talk to the people in the truck, please take your food and leave.

Get it? Maximus has some issues with the natural flow of placing your order and getting food. I like the Mexican taco trucks that used to roam the street of Las Vegas. You place your order, you pay for your order, you move down the line, then you get your order. I don’t get how wireless devices fit into the equation.

I digress, I need to shut up. Maximus-Minimus was great. I will eat there again. I’ll take my friends there for a quick bite too. I’m hoping this steel swine births spawn. Because really, kick ass food from trucks is where it’s at. When there’s more of em, there’ll be price pressure and based on my econ101 class, the pork’ll be cheaper anyhow.


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  1. Isaac Weinhausen | August 3, 2009 at 1:26 pm |

    Just tried their pulled pork a few weeks ago at the Mariners game. Quality stuff. Yeah the whole invisible line thing threw me off too. Ha.


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