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Mars Hill Downtown: Summer Extravaganza Saturday

Saturday is shaping up to be an action packed day in Belltown! Mars Hill Downtown is jumping into the mix and will be hosting their annual Summer Extravaganza at Myrtle Edwards park. This is the same church that recently made the Washington Post by releasing an iPhone App. And, (full disclosure) if you’ve got the memory of an elephant, you’ll remember that I attend MHDT.

If you’re not familiar with Mars Hill or these events, check out the recent article from the Times

Summer Music Extravaganza

We’re really excited for our Summer Bash on August 29th starting at 5:00pm and going till 8:00pm.  We’ll have food, baptisms, and enjoy a great time together.  We’re also going to have music starting at 7:00pm with a really awesome band.

The Republic

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve booked the local Seattle band, The Republic to play at our Summer Bash on August 29th.  These are amazing dudes, with amazing music.  They draw inspiration from great rock locals like Dave Bazan (Pedro the Lion) and Death Cab for Cutie.


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  1. To hear that you are a Mars Hill member. I’ll miss the posts about my neighborhood, but there is no way I am having anything to do with those reactionary jerks…

  2. We’ll miss you around here 🙁

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