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March 25 & 26 – two days of focus on Great Local Citizenship at the Seattle Center

I recently attended a meeting that emphasized what a progressive, generous and socially minded city Seattle is. It seems our biggest problem is that we’re somewhat silo’d and aren’t well connected across all the amazing things going on.  As a city we’re also very anti-elitist, so we don’t respond well to people celebrating themselves.  We’ll just have to learn to celebrate each other!

The Guiding Lights Network is a locally created network organized to support civic leadership. This two day conference is an opportunity to learn better engagement skills and techniques.

from their website

Get Your Citizenship On! If you want to get better at making things better—you are not alone. The 2011 Guiding Lights Weekend conference on Great Citizenship is about making things better together. Train to be a 21st century citizen-leader—not in Powerpoint presentations but through powerful hands-on workshops: How to speak about race. How to lobby for the little guy. How to create a mass civic event. How to make a decision in public. How to use art to mobilize a community. Be a part of this one-of-a-kind gathering.

My connection to this conference?  I’ve heard about it and I wish I could go but I’ll be out of town visiting my niece in Pullman before she graduates this year.  So instead I’m sharing it with my fellow Belltowners as yet another cool thing that happens right on our doorsteps. 

NOTE: Registration closes March 14th!