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Mama’s Opens a new Belltown Bar…

Thankfully, the ever astute folks at Mama’s Mexican Kitchen on 2nd have understood Belltown’s  dire situation. We’re running out of bars! The great bar shortage is upon us! Oh the horror, there’s no place to get a little sip of the Devil’s nectar around here!

Running to the rescue is the opening of Papa’s, a new bar in the back of Mama’s. If you’d like to see some pictures of the cozy spot or get a glimpse of local artist Joey Nix’s latest creation, swing over and “read all about it” from Lydia Heard – one of the PI’s neighborhood bloggers.This new bar offers something different for Belltown. Instead of smelling like cheap cologne after a night of socializing, you can revel in the glorious aroma of re-fried beans. Mmm, lovely.