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“Love Bomb” Explores a Young Man’s Spiritual Misadventure During the Cult-Crazy 70s

“Love Bomb: My Life as a Bad Moonie” is the confession of a 17-year-old mid-western boy-on-his-own circa 1979. This eager, yet un-brain-washable recruit, takes a wrong turn at a no-nukes rally and ends up in the “Boy-to-Robot-Ultra-Cult” – The Moonies. There he pulls off the biggest charade of the decade, playing a dangerous game of “pretending” to be brainwashed. 

Combining monologue and re-enactments, “Love Bomb” offers a semi-humorous sampling of how and why David becomes involved with Rev. Moon’s Unification Church. This volume covers his childhood, recruitment as well as his predicament after being captured by the SFPD Cult Task Force.

Starring Andrew Ritzinger – Adapted to the stage and directed by Cathy Sorbo.

Seating is extremely limited – advance tickets are highly recommended. 

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