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Looking for the best Hot Wings in Belltown?

Spur Gastropub. Called Washington Chicken Confit. This is truth, not to be debated. I am the biggest connoisseur of wings that you will probably ever come across.  And nothing has ever been better than these. I remember tasting something like them at the Chicken Wing Contest held at Union Restaurant last year. It was the best night ever, all-you-can-eat hot wings made by all of Seattle’s best chefs…a taste of heaven for me. I believe these wings were a little spicier and garnished with mint for the contest…but they are still prepared the same. End result: Drumsticks with meat that literally falls off of the bone when you pick them up. They are the best  that I’ve ever had, not just in Belltown, the best ever.  I had them again a few nights ago and they did not disappoint.

(In all humility, because i “think” i know that these are the best, yet have not tried every restaurant to determine this, please don’t hesitate to comment below with your favorite..i wouldn’t want to miss out on some good wings in all of my certainty that i’ve found the best.)