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Lonely Teen Defaces Belltown Mural

I’m a big fan of Seattle street art. That’s why it’s unfortunate when someone without any skills besides prolific repetition swoops in to ruin it. Posting it here, because you should be on the lookout between the hours of 2-8AM for a miscreant in need of a friend.

I spoke with some of the original artists. This will be fixed.

Thanks to tipper Robby D for grabbing these photos. I decided to cut out the tags and add commentary myself




3 Comments on "Lonely Teen Defaces Belltown Mural"

  1. …is this more work by JEB? I caught that son of a bitch climbing down the ladder of the building behind mine mid day a few weeks ago.

  2. Jeb Jeb Jeb.

  3. this is really cool bands – really cool donuts grrreat a thrill to see all ya’ll in the spotlight any founders relatives around? where do the locals go next weekend? a guy gets to feeling at home here

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