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Local Restaurants offering $25 Gift Card for just $1!

Perhaps you have heard of  They are known for offering discounted gift cards to local restaurants.  Often these gift cards can save you about 60% on food (and sometimes drinks) at your favorite venues.

Right now they have a special offer that is valid until September 13th at 9:00pm.  Use Coupon Code “NINETY” and get a $25.00 gift card for $1 or a $100 gift card for $4. 

Like with all good things most restaurants exclude happy hour or alcohol and have a minimum amount ($35 dollar minimum for the $25 dollar gift card and $200 minimum for the $100 gift card) but those minimums can be easily reached.  Bottom line it’s like a great coupon deal at some of your local restaurants!

There are 74 participating restaurants within 5 miles of 98121.  Check them out here!

Happy Dining!!

3 Comments on "Local Restaurants offering $25 Gift Card for just $1!"

  1. Thanks so much for the tip! I paid just $5 for $125 worth of gift certificates to my favorite restaurants!

  2. I’ve heard that there could be some monthly reoccurring charges. just be sure to read the fine print.

  3. Another thing to be careful about is that some of the restaurants listed are out of business like Cucina De Ra and The Apartment Bistro. There may be others as well, those are just the two I happen to know about.

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