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Local 360 Replaces Flying Fish: Seems Full of Awesome…

We’ll work on getting some more information about the new tenant moving into the old Flying Fish space. However, it looks absolutely great from the quick description at Belltown Messenger; butcher shop, cheese counter, farmers market produce? Could Belltown seriously be getting a small grocery store of consequence? I’m excited and will find out more soon!

From BelltownMessenger

Marcus Charles has leased the former Flying Fish space at the corner of First and Bell and is going to turn it into a mini version of the Melrose Project on Capitol Hill, crossed with the ambience of Oddfellows. The name is Local 360, opening in December if all the tenant improvements are completed in time. A “sustainable” cafe with an affordable menu, a butcher shop, a cheese counter, local produce, and a coffee-house vibe. Charles also owns JuJu Lounge and is a partner in the remodeled Crocodile

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  1. I hope it comes true.

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