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Local 360 is Taking Shape, I can’t wait.

We spotted a job posting for Belltown’s Local 360. The description gave a great window into this new business that honestly has the potential to transform how we, as neighbors, interact with the neighborhood. I am cartwheel level excited about a small “farmers market” type cluster of shops that are within walking distance.

From CraigsList

Local 360, a new venture in the Belltown neighborhood, is a sustainable cafe and food producer. We source 90% of our raw ingredients from within 360 miles of Seattle. We believe local produce, meat, dairy and grains are more than mere vehicles for nutrients, but vital parts of the intricate system that supports our environment and the good folks who live here. Our products are always sourced from the most humane farms we can find. 90% come from within the 360-mile radius; lemons, limes coffee and a few other items that just don’t grow in Cascadia are sourced certified organic from the closest place possible. We strive for conscious and deliberate consumerism. Our motives are simple and our technique is as solid and seasoned as the iron skillets we cook on.

In addition to the Cafe component, we will also offer a full-time, in-house butcher and baker. A vibrant attached Mercantile adds a neighborhood retail component with meat case, cheese case, bakery items, wine and beer and various wares.


2 Comments on "Local 360 is Taking Shape, I can’t wait."

  1. I love how they’ve completely altered the exterior, especially cutting out windows and opening up storefronts facing Bell. They’ll be well positioned for the Bell Street park improvements.

    I think that Flying Fish made a mistake leaving (they were doing great business in Belltown & have moved to a pretty sterile location), but I’m more excited for this new addition to the neighborhood which has the promise of really engaging the residents of the area.

  2. in with the new…

    Flying Fish was a Belltown institution for a long long time. But, yes, I agree with you Dave. I’m completely excited with what’s coming.

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