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Live in Belltown? Like to write?

Belltown is an incredibly diverse neighborhood and I really feel like the site is lacking some additional perspectives. That’s why I’d love for people to pitch in and contribute what they’d like. You don’t have to post once a week, but if you’ve got something to share, the neighborhood wants to hear it!

We’re looking for the following;

1 – Belltown news writers

2 – Photgraphers

3 – Artists

4 – Promoters

5 – People with a cause

Anyone can post on I mean it. This site is meant to be a community bulliten board. My motive for starting it will remain the same, I just want to get the neighborhood dialog going. So, dont be bashful. If you’re interested, send me an email.

4 Comments on "Live in Belltown? Like to write?"

  1. Terrence Santos | November 19, 2009 at 10:56 pm |

    Dear Belltown People,
    I would love to help out in anyway I can. As shown above I am a videographer/photographer as well as a writer. I have received training from the Art Institute and was a contributing editor a magazine turned webzine.

    I live over on Clay and Western and my girlfriend resides over on 1st and Virginia. Suffice it to say we see a lot of our neighborhood.

    Please let me know how I can be of any assistance. I’d be more than happy to provide coverage where needed.


    Terrence Santos

  2. Thanks for leaving us a note Terrence. You can bet that i’ll be in touch soon!

  3. Belltown People!

    I do a lot of photography in and around belltown, and I’m sure I can post some of my photos on here. I live right in belltown on Elliott and Wall and i’m right next to the waterfront. I’d love to help out in that area as well, just let me know how I can assist you.


  4. Karen Day-Lyon | November 30, 2009 at 1:12 pm |

    I’m a photojournalist and travel writer (Seattle Travel Insider),living at 3rd and Bell, and would be more than happy to help out if needed and desired.


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