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“Life Lessons” by Malachy Sreenan

I thought some of our Belltown neighbors would be interested in hearing from some of Freehold’s students and their experiences in our classes.  Malachy Sreenan writes an insightful piece on the life lessons he’s learned as a student at Freehold.  He begins:

Life Lessons by Malachy Sreenan

You don’t always know or appreciate how much someone or something means to you until you wake up one day and can’t imagine your life without them. Likewise, you don’t always realize when embarking on a new project or adventure that it will wind up filling a need or void in your life that you scarcely realized existed. These are just two of the important life lessons that I have learned over the last couple of years attending classes at, and working with faculty and peers at Freehold Theatre.  

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