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Life and musings in Belltown…

Lydia, who is a regular commenter on this seemingly vapid blog (thanks Lydia!) posted a great article on her musings of life in Belltown. It’s certainly worth a read if you have a spare moment this busy Monday.

From Lydia – CityWalker

My neighborhood: I sit in front of the coffee house, Bedlam, and listen to the mariachis across the street at Mama’s. Or sit in Mama’s and request Guantanamera, the lovely rendition of which brings tears to my eyes, although it doesn’t have the meaning I thought it did; or watch the Lullaby Moon costumed players go by, happy followers and balloon-tied children in tow. Sit and watch the people animating the sidewalks, and yes, sometimes the local eccentric behaving oddly…


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  1. And what do you mean “vapid”? No way. Relevant is more like it.

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