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It’s Time to Take Back Belltown: BBA Event Recap

Belltown business owners, concerned citizens, and city leaders joined in a show of solidarity to stand up on behalf of the neighborhood of Belltown at Local 360 tonight. Click for an account from the PI that gives a great breakdown of some of the highlights.

Frankly, it was inspiring to see so many concerned people come out for the BBA’s “Take Back Belltown” event.  There has been a lot of negative publicity about the neighborhood in the past few months and it’s easy to spin an easy headline out of a high profile neighborhood when something goes wrong.

Tonight’s message was all about taking back the neighborhood and getting involved. I’ve been to countless community meetings where the majority of people seem to have planned a list of complaints, with no real solutions for answers. “The COPS need to do this, this city needs to do that”! It seems like the same old mantra month after month right?

Tim’s Gaydos’s (BBA President, MHDT Pastor) message really stuck with me. He heralded the Husky’s motto of “We all we got” to rally the neighborhood into action. It’s time for the citizens and business owners of this neighborhood to make a stand for the place they live and do business in. If we see a problem, we all have a responsibility to start helping one another out to solve it.

Personally, I feel like this is a huge cultural shift for our neighborhood. Rather than demand someone else fix our problems, we need to take things into our own hands and start making a positive difference. And we can!

A couple of key action items were listed;

  • If you’re a citizen, you need to be coming to the Belltown Community Council meetings. I’m personally talking to all the young people in this neighborhood. We have a responsibility  to take part in the change we all want to see. Meet your neighbors, get involved, have some fun making a serious difference where you live.
  • If you’re gifted with talents in web design, video editing, social marketing, public safety, or feel like pitching in with your skills, email

Bottom line – get involved wherever your heart leads. This is a neighborhood we all enjoy. It’s a world class place, with a lot of amazing people accomplishing their dreams in a six block corner of Seattle. Do you realize how many incredible people live here, the stories that are unfolding right around you? If you’re missing out, now’s a good time to stop.