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It’s Conclusive: Belltown is better than Capitol Hill

Well, at least according to the planners behind the weekly start-up/ drink-up “Hops and Chops

We finally had it with Linda’s — we love the atmosphere, but the grisly bar wenches and wankers were too much to deal with now that the rainy season (and no more back patio) is upon us.

This led to a lengthy Hops and Chops debate about where our migration would lead us — @daryn ended it with “What about Jonathan Sposato’s Spitfire?” — perfect — owned by the co-founder of Picnik, willing to reserve us a table, and a nice central location.  The available back room lounge doesn’t hurt either.

So, change your calendars — Hops and Chops will now be convening weekly at Spitfire in Belltown

It’s not every day that Belltown makes a win over the hill, even small insignificant unscientific wins based upon the alcoholic desires of start-up geeks. But, when they happen, we’ll be sure to post them and revel in the triumph.