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Is Restaurant Zoe Leaving Belltown?

I’ve heard rumors about Restaurant Zoe leaving Belltown for a couple months, but I’ve always dismissed them as mere doomsday gossip. If you’ve been near Zoe, you know that it’s typically full on any given night. So, why would the owners contemplate leaving an obviously successful location? The restaurant enjoys a 4.5 rating on yelp and is widely loved by the city.

From Seattle Times

Asked whether the rumors I’ve long been hearing about Restaurant Zoe blowing out of Belltown were true, the chef admitted, “We are definitely considering leaving Belltown.” On the other hand, with a lease in place, he’s also considering staying put and “looking at doing an interior renovation.” However, with those costs in mind, great deals on leases available elsewhere and a new influx of SBA loan-money to be had, he and his wife will keep their eyes and ears open — and continue to weigh their options.

Now, granted, this is not definitive news by any means. However, it’d be a good idea to voice your support for the restaurant staying put in Belltown if you’re a fan like myself. It seems they’re teetering on the fence.

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  1. “Like” their facebook page and make a post asking them to stay!

  2. It is definitely on the market and listed with the Northwest Multiple Listing Service.

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