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Is Kelly’s Closed?

Has Kelly’s, Belltown’s “most intimidating” dive bar, really closed up shop?

From BelltownMessenger – Kelly’s may be Belltown’s last remaining dive bar, but it’s far from”the most frightening drinking establishment in Seattle.” To the contrary, people of different races and ages mingle freely and play pool there. It’s a center of petty crime, but no more than the drug scene at a typical “rock show.”

I haven’t been able to get through to the owner – no answering machine on their listed number. I have mixed feelings about Kelly’s. Yeah, there’s certainly a contingent of swarthy looking characters that congregate around Kelly’s. But, besides the occasional stabbing, they pretty much keep to themselves. We wish our condolences to Mario’s family.

UPDATE 12:13PM: Rumor from the guys at Dan’s Belltown Grocery is that the owner has died and the family doesn’t have an interest in continuing operations. Also, their lease is rumored to be up. A check of their business license reveals that a woman named Mary is the owner – their business license renewal date is in December. So, take all the above with a grain of  salt.


4 Comments on "Is Kelly’s Closed?"

  1. I really hope this is true. Not that mario is dead.. but Kellys going out of business. What a God send. I’m sick and tired of walking by 3rd and Bell debating if the creepy, drugged-out dude on the corner wants to sell me drugs, or stab me. I feel real bad for Gambas next door as they are one of my favorite restaurants but I don’t go there too often because of Kellys.

  2. I’ve had a few run ins with Mary before. I really enjoy Gambas and go with a group of five folks fairly often. Were decently dressed folks from mid 20’s to mid 30’s.

    A lot of the time, we’ll leave Gambas and head outside and talk about where we’re going next. Mary would be standing outside Kelly’s and tell us that this is a high drug area and we had to move on even though we were in from of Gambas and not her bar. She’d start yelling and threatening to call the cops on us if we didn’t leave now. During this time, there was always the Kelly’s customers out there smoking (a lot of the time smelled like weed).

    I really feel that it wasn’t just the Bar’s customers keeping Gambas from getting their customers, but the owners of Kellys going out of their way to keep folks that didn’t drink there away.

  3. I live literally across the street from the bar, and I have always been afraid to walk home at night because the people who hang around outside would repeated try to sell me drugs, hit on me, or sometimes they would go across the street to smoke crack or drink on my front steps. I love Gambas and I really hope their business picks up because of this.

  4. I worked there for one night but loved to go there for a stiff drink now and again. Now that it has closed down I don’t know where to find Kevin (one of the bartenders who got me a bartending job years ago at Joes) Yes it was a seedy place but I still have fond memories. RIP Mario.

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