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Sun+ Boat = Happiness

Sometimes on a gorgeous day like today; I wish I studied harder in school, put it all on black, or joined a winning .com at the age of 17. Perhaps only then could I have a mega yacht to cruise around the sound or Lake Washington on a gorgeous day like today. Well, if you’re among the majority of boatless masses, dont loose hope too quickly. There’s a couple downtown options for you to enjoy the sun from the water.

Sailboat – As cheese whizy as this sounds, the folks at “Sailing Seattle” really put on a fun a event. The best part? You can bring your own booze n crackers. The sunset cruise is the way to go. Sailing is much better than a diesel hookah, so book it early and pack a fun picnic.

Water Taxi– So, the marketing genius behing the water taxi went awry, it’s true. Water Yacht, Water Cruise, Water MegaGondola? But hey, $6 gets you cruising on the water over to Alki.

State Ferry. – Nuff said. Take the iron maiden to Bainbridge if you’re feeling the $ pinch. The best part of this deal is the fact that there’s ample room on the sundeck for…… sun.

Any other good tips out there?