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“Lost in Belltown.” The simple observations of a Belltonian street sitter.

Sitting on a curb, in flip flops, on a breezy and warm (meaning 70) afternoon in May, I am completely lost looking at the leaves of the tree that is across the street. They are sparkling with sunlight beaming through the back of them making the appearance of a neon green rather than the deep green that is their true color in the coverage of thick clouds. People are skateboarding, biking, walking while holding hands. The elderly couple is discussing their dinner plans commenting on how glad they are “to have made a reservation because Marcos is a fine place to eat for dinner.” The occasional runner passes by every two minutes or so, earphones in place, intensely listening to something obviously screaming into their ears with a beat, for their demeanor is far more energetic than the natural environment that is occurring outside of their ear phones. The wind blows. Most cars passing by are filled with more than one person. Sunshine seems to mean an excuse and time to spend with friends, people tiresome of the hibernation that rain so easily affords them. Tis time to get together to BBQ on a Belltown condo rooftop with views of the ‘Sound unlike any, for dinner on the patio of a restaurant on lake union, time to walk with your animal on Myrtle Edwards or not even to walk at all, to take a blanket and sit and watch the cruise ships pull away. The wind ceases. Ooo that was my favorite, a Michael Scott look alike riding a cherry red vespa, fantastic! An elderly woman with a walker is crossing the street smiling a smile that only perspective brings. A young couple walking with child in a three wheeled baby walker, which I hear is all the rave in the parenting world. Belltown in May, filled with people, but with simultaneous serenity. Reminds me how varied the people of Belltown are, there is a retirement community up the street, fine restaurants, bars that attract the 20 somethings, a waterfront and market area that bring families to explore the plethora of activities that line Alaskan way. I do love living in Belltown. I love the people. I love the variety. And I love this cool May breeze.

I do love living in Belltown. I love the people. I love the variety. And I love this cool May breeze.