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How to Opt Out of Seattle Phone Book Delivery

When is the last time you’ve opened the Phone Book to look up an address or phone number? If you’re like me, phone books immediately get tossed into the recycle bin.

You may remember the City of Seattle passed the phone book opt out law last fall, but the opt out registry was just unveiled last week. The new law will also fine companies that deliver phone books to customers that have requested to be removed.

Opting out is easy and only takes a few moments. There is not much time though, you must opt out by May 16, 2011 to ensure you will not receive delivery of the latest phone books.


Here’s how to stop unwanted yellow pages deliveries to your home or business in a few easy steps.

  1. Create your stop yellow pages delivery account on the CatalogChoice website.
  2. Click on Phone Books and choose the yellow pages phone books you want.
  3. Your opt out selection must be in effect 30 days before a company starts its Seattle distribution cycle. Choices for DEX yellow pages phone books must be made by May 16, 2011 in order to prevent delivery of books this year.

If you don’t opt out in time, be the life of your next party by learning how to rip your phone books in half. But, recycle the ruins, of course.