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How Safe Is Belltown for Tourists?

I will be visiting in the Spring and am renting an apartment in The Urban Oasis. Since sending the cprental contract, I have come across many items about the crime there. So is the rule to not be on the streets after dark? Or is the area not as crime ridden as I’ve read.



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  1. what have you been reading?

    I wouldn’t say Belltown is that bad. It’s urban so there is no denying that, but there are plenty of more dangerous areas in Seattle.

    From what I gather Belltown has a fair amount of yuppies to it with many condos and wine selections in corner stores. The places you want to avoid have by-the-hour motels with less wine and more liquor.

    My family who does not live in Seattle will sometimes worry about me taking the bus alone at night. In the 6 years I lived here I’ve never really worried about it much. Of course I do what anyone should do in any major city: avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations in dangerous areas (which belltown isn’t).

  2. Belltown is filled with yuppies. It’s really just that Seattle (and Belltown) has so little crime that it makes big news whenever something really bad happens.

    As a woman, I walk home from bars in Belltown at 1:30am and it’s 100% fine. My female friends do the same – we’ve never even had anything scary happen. It’s a really safe area.

    The crime that does happen is typically below 1st Ave, which is a bit more dicey and should be avoided, or drunk guys getting in fights with other drunk guys.

    So basically you’re totally fine. It’s not as safe as a suburb might be, but it’s very safe as far as cities go.

  3. I actually live in the building you will be renting in. I have never had a problem in 10 years that I’ve lived there.

  4. Hi Stef,
    First, welcome to Belltown in the spring! You’ll have to come to one of our belltownpeople happy hours when you get here so that we can meet ya! I’m a gal in my late twenties and I walk around at night and feel safe. There are streets that i avoid because they are less well lit and other things like that just to play it safe. I avoid bell and 3rd ave at night. But that is just my own inclination, not cuz i’ve had a bad experience. Your place on 1st ave is in a super cute area with bakeries and restaurants and shops and such. You’ll love it. Its a few blocks from where I live. I feel totally safe in Belltown. I try not to make it a habit to walk alone late late at night on the weekdays when there are less people around…but that just cuz i’m 4 months pregnant and my husband usually is with me anyways. You can always catch a cab or the bus where ever you’re at too and there are numerous bus stops that drop ya off right in front of your condo. But that’s just your preference. You’ll love the city living. 🙂

  5. Thanks to all who have written to reassure me of the safety in the area. I feel much better and can.drop the anxiety. I am looking forward to being in Seattle again.

  6. (4th and Bell) and even I have never had a real problem in the neighborhood. The neighborhood crime is still largely bad guy vs. bad guy. I walk around by myself at night all the time and feel safe. I look around, make sure to keep my hands free, keep my phone in an easily accessible place, take a cab if it’s really late, etc. Normal precautions.

    I walked around very late at night recently to try to see the lunar eclipse, whenever that was – Dec?; the “urban outdoorsmen” in the neighborhood were everywhere and they all pestered me — to make sure I knew there was an eclipse going on above us.

    Hope your return to Seattle goes well! Remember that the surest way to get everyone in the neighborhood to ignore you is to make eye contact and say “hello!” 😉

  7. I’m female and walk around all the time after dark, heck even after the bars close. I also walk to yoga/boot camp in the dark around 6am. Everything has been fine, just ignore the street people and they’ll ignore you.

    Be smart, be aware of your surroundings – just as you would in any city, neighborhood, etc.

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