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How many people read

Blogging really messes with your head. A lot of the time I feel like an insane person talking to myself in a dark room. Suddenly, I’ll see a little flicker of light and someone will respond. That’s what neighborhood blogging is like. Well, why the hell would I do it? Frankly, because I’ve been able to meet a lot of amazing people in real life. The happy hours are a lot of fun. Meeting neighbors and living in “community” is an important part of my life. Everyone has a story. There’s no one that’s not interesting.

Writing for a neighborhood blog gives me a good excuse to talk to strangers without seeming like a curious freak. “ohhh, hey, what are you guys doing there, I write on” is a lot easier than asking a million questions and getting hit in the neck.

But, I thought I’d open the humble hood to this geocities page (RIP) and show you guys that there’s actually a lot of people reading this blog. “Whaaaaat, an average of 3,000 people a day is not a lot! I work for Microogle and we get like a brazillion page hits an hour”! Well, that might be true, but get this. I’m writing about a slice of a couple streets in a generally small city to begin with. 3,000 hits for a neighborhood the size of a runway seems pretty neat.

Pointless post of the year award – but the point is that you shouldn’t be a stranger. Come on over to one of the happy hours and introduce yourself sometime. If you’re sick of this blog sucking and stinking up the place, we’d love to have you pitch in and share your beaming literary brilliance with the rest of us. Seriously. The idea behind this site was always to create a community board, where lots and lots of voices were being heard, not just one guy who honestly ought to be working harder on his day job.


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  1. First off, I do appreciate the work you put into running this blog. A tip for getting more regular readers: instead of posting 4 stories on one day and then none for a week, you could spread them out and have 1 story a day. Even if you only have time to write them all on 1 day just save them up and spread out the posting.

  2. Unfortunately, the scheduling feature on this CMS is broken – so it’s impossible for the moment.

    However, we’re working on migrating to wordpress sometime in the future and I hope to be able to spread this out a bit more and also have some more voices added to the discussion.

    Thanks for reading and commenting Joe 🙂

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