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Hempfest Sues Seattle

I still have my fingers crossed that Hempfest won’t find a home at Myrtle Edwards park this year. My issue isn’t related to the question of legalizing marijuana – it has to do with the ridiculous hoard of people that cram themselves into the waterfront park and abuse the surrounding neighborhood. If anything, hempfest and the antics that plague the neighborhood during the festival only turn people off to the idea of legalized marijuana usage.


Hempfest, the multi-day, pro-marijuana festival that annually brings tens of thousands of people to a waterfront Seattle park, has sued the city in an effort to obtain permits for the 2011 gathering.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday in federal court, Seattle Events, the group behind Hempfest, says it has been denied permission to stage this year’s festival at Seattle Center. Last year city officials asked organizers to look for locations other than their usual spot, Myrtle Edwards Park. Hempfest said it has asked for permits to conduct the 2011 edition at either Seattle Center or the park.

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2 Comments on "Hempfest Sues Seattle"

  1. Hempfest needs to grow beyond Seattle. Olympia, where state is made, would be a much better choice.

    I am one those tired of seeing the neighborhood literally trashed every summer.

  2. I exchanged a few messages with one of the people on the board for Hempfest. Whether it is in their interest to respect our neighborhood or not, it is in our interest and we have some responsibility in protecting our interest.

    Should Hempfest end up in Myrtle Edwards, we should think of steps we can take to at least address the garbage.

    If HF is going to bring in more people than usual, who do we need to talk to so we can get extra trashcans place throughout Belltown and near the event?

    Peoples’ Belltown Republic (the weekly trash cleanup group near 2nd and Blanchard) picked up a lot of trash after last year. We could start planning now for block-by-block cleanup teams.

    Those are the only ideas I have for now, but we should at least prepare ourselves if Hempfesters end up coming to Belltown.

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