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Healthy Menu for Christmas

As early as November, I was tasked to list the menu for our annual family noche buena. I remember mother telling me that it is best that I finish all my research papers before December comes as she really wants the table be filled with delectable dishes. My moms worry that I will not enjoy the December season if I will still busy on my writing services. This is because a lot of relatives usually come over all spend the dinner with us. And so I plan to make 3 roasted chicken or turkey as the main course. I will have mushroom and chicken soups, and tuna and potato salads as starters. I made it clear eversince that I do not allow iced tea on my menu. It is either fresh juice or mineral water for everyone’s well-being. Wheat bread with slight butter will also be present in the meal. For desserts, we will have puddings, chocolate mouse, and cheesecake. Fruits will be served for the elders and those who are diabetic. I had been receiving e-mails and calls about the family affair and I am quite pressured right now. But then again, I am the family’s defunct chef so I have to live with that. I have been receiving praises ever since for the simplicity but tasteful meals that I serve. Oftentimes, two of my nieces are there to help plus our two other maids. It will be another fruitful Christmas again for the family this 2009.