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Hardly Art – Your Belltown Indie Label

From SeattleWeekly

It may not look like much, but since painting the walls, covering the previous obnoxious bright orange, Hardly Art’s Nick Heliotis and Sarah Moody seem pretty happy with the converted closet they use as an office…

the door to this little hole in the wall leads to the Sub Pop office, located on the fourth story of a Belltown office building next door to Dahlia Bakery.

…the folks at Hardly Art have been so successful at signing obscure, if not unknown, new bands and turning them into local scene darlings with the potential to explode nationally. And when they say new bands, they mean new. As in just-home-from-the-hospital new—like the Dutchess and the Duke which signed to Hardly Art with only one 7″ to its name. 

It’s worth taking the jump to the Seattle Weekly to read the whole article. It’s encouraging to know that small labels are still incubating in Belltown.