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Happy Birthday Strange Macrina Lady…

Macrina Lady, you are Seattle’s Mona Lisa. Instead of blank stares of infinite smiles, you give us empty palates of infinite confectionary delight. What are you thinking about Macrina Lady? Are you thinking about silky smooth Whisper Cakes and delectable treats yet discovered? Are you thinking about blonde brownies or why people stand outside your doors for hours just to feed their watering mouths with your brunch? Macrina Lady, tell us your secret. Happy birthday Strange Macrina Lady.


Thursday, August 27, we turn Sweet 16. In celebration of our anniversary, we are indulging in one of Seattle’s greatest vices aside from our pastry case… coffee. Drip coffee, Americanos and Lattes are our treat with your food purchase at any of our cafes on Thursday. It’s our little way to say thank you for your continued patronage! Anniversary t-shirts also available for $15.