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Greatness? By Paridon Williams

Paridon Williams - 50 Ways To Help

“There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet.” ~Admiral W. Halsey

This coming year there will be a whole lot of new and old “Challenges” that will be met by ordinary people; most of the challenges are ongoing however, taking on any challenge is strongly encouraged because of “New year’s resolutions”.

Resolution means: a solid decision to do something. A resolution is like a promise or a pledge to yourself and whomever you’d like to share with. Most New Year’s resolutions are vows to one’s self in efforts to live healthier lives like to “Stop smoking”, “Lose weight”, and/or other life preserving measures. However in a lot of cases it’s a commitment to make a difference in the life of another or others.

What “Silent oath” will you take in 2014, what great challenge will you intentionally meet? Any service given to another in need has a level of “Greatness” because no one can determine the degree of another person’s needs or the hardships they may face without someone to help.

Let’s do it ourselves or get together with others and make differences in the lives of others that are and have been in need of someone willing to make a commitment simply to help where help is needed … where the circumstance may get worse or remain the same without our help.

This year and perhaps the rest of our lives we will answer the “Great challenges” and we will simply be ordinary people doing extraordinary things!!

Our life is all we are … Because we are!!

Living Life, Teaches Life.

~ Paridon Williams

… Pass it on.