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Goodbye, David Nelson

David Nelson

David Nelson, testifying on behalf of a neighborhood elementary school in Belltown, 2012.

David Nelson, who wrote a long-running online column, InsideBelltown, for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s website, is leaving the neighborhood. He made the announcement today (here:, posting a picture of a moving van in front of his condo on Second Avenue. (As it happens, we live in the same building, though I’ve never met the gentleman.)

Nelson wore his soft spot for the neighborhood on his sleeve, without apology. He didn’t pretend to be a journalist, just a guy interested in helping veterans.” At the end of the day my real passion is helping people,” he said.

He will continue to write, though not exclusively about Belltown:

Comments about Nelson’s contribution to the neighborhood are welcome.

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  1. I have only met David one time, and talked with him a few times in email. I wish him well and appreciate the tips and words of encouragement he gave me for

    Also a big Thanks to him for mentioning us in his farewell story.

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