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good people, fair & impartial By Paridon Williams

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Ignore the ignorance

One day I was out walking and I came upon a person from out of town waiting for the Meter Officer to go by so he could go in the coffee spot and get some change to pay for parking. I gave him a copy of my list and we talked for a moment then I told him that he could just use his card to pay at the pay station, he told me his wife had the card getting the tickets for the show while he find parking, and all he had was cash.

I offered to him, I’d either watch his vehicle or go get the change just as a way to help. He handed me twenty dollars and said “Thanks, see you in a few”.

I walked in the shop and there were two short lines so I stood in one, after I waited in that one line and asked for change to pay for parking, the cashier told me I had to be in the other line which had now grown long. A customer allowed me a cut in front of them because of the mix-up but when it came my turn the lady told me that I had to make a cash purchase in order to get change, otherwise she couldn’t just open the register. Another person in line said they’d pay in cash so the till could be opened and then (Without checking) the lady said she was very low on change and told me that I had to go somewhere else.

When I was leaving out, the owner of the car was just coming in and I told him that he couldn’t get change there. I gave him his twenty and he went right back in and told them that he was parking and needed change. The cashier just popped open the register and asked him how he would like his change.

When he came out I told him to enjoy the show and I walked away. A couple of minutes later he caught up with me on my walk and started talking about what happened in the shop. It happens so much in so many different ways and places, I’ve become desensitized and have got to the point where I can simply ignore the ignorance, furthermore it’s not like any of the patrons in the places ever speak up for me or any other person that is openly discriminated against.

He bought a copy of my book and admitted he thought I’d taken off with the money because it was taking so long and he’d seen a person go in right after me and come out before me. He also admitted that he knew that because he is white, he wouldn’t have any problem getting change but thought he would have a problem if he had to try to talk his way out of a parking ticket. He told me that he wouldn’t be doing business with that chain of coffee stores and I told him it would make a greater impact if he just told them and then I changed the subject.

I am so happy to live in the community I do and have the friends I have. The community is diverse but just like most places in Seattle, it’s predominately white folks. The good thing is, very rarely do I see or get discriminated against; the Belltown community and the people I know are pretty much confirmation that racism and discrimination are seriously on the decline and is the reason that the mediocre acts of the remaining idiots are sometimes minuscule. I still have to deal with it but there’s so much comfort in knowing; for every one numskull (In every race) there’s hundreds of good people that live fair impartial lives.

Our life is all we are … Because we are!!

~ Paridon Williams … Pass it on.

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  1. hiroe keeler | November 8, 2013 at 1:19 pm |

    Dear Paridon,

    Being non-white woman, (Asian American) I had dozens of such experiences living in Seattle. At 3 post offices, a few different types of stores and even at art museums. I am a senior citizen on fixed income but still dress neatly and act respectably. The only reason I can think of is that I am non-white. Racism do exist. How do I cope with it? You said it right. Ignore the Ignorance.


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