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GoFundMe – Tracy Roberts Emergency Flight

Tracy Roberts, Our beloved Belltown Community Council Secretary Needs our Help.
Tracy is a Pediatric Oncology Nurse and has spent her life in the care and service of others.
Now she is injured in England and needs to get home.

Tracy’s father had been unwell and in early November she had to fly to the UK for his funeral.  Soon after arriving, she herniated a disc in her lower back and an MRI just confirmed this recently.  She has been told that surgery cannot be done in the UK, but when she flies back on Lufthansa (booked through United), she can’t sit upright, only recline.

For more than two weeks she can only lie on her right side and walk slowly with her mother’s waking stick. Does anyone have any connections that will allow her to get upgraded to a better, reclined seat? Right now she is booked in economy. Because it was an emergent booking, her seat cost just under $1900 as there were no bereavement seats available.  She is almost immobile before her surgery in the US, so she’ll need non-stop Business/First class ticket which is between 6-7,000 dollars.  She has US medical insurance, but didn’t think about travel insurance at the time…she said “my mind was just not in the right place”  PLEASE HELP!
A Go Fund Me site was started to help her. Tracy Roberts Emergency Flight
She has recently had surgery on her hand and now is in need of more help than ever.  Tracy is a Pediatric Oncology Nurse and has spent her life in the care and service of others. 
Lets work to bring home this grieving, injured caregiver in as little pain as possible.

Thank You,

If someone has Frequent Flier Miles, Upgrades or any questions, please contact:

Keith Kentop
Vice President, Belltown Community Council