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Friends of Bell Street Park March Meeting

Today at 4:00 PM is the March meeting of the Friends of Bell Street Park. Tonight will be my first meeting to attend, but to my knowledge the group was created by the Seattle Parks Department in order to engage Belltown businesses and neighbors in the park and what we all want to see from it. Below  is an excerpt from the email I received inviting me to the meeting, as well as links to the agenda for tonight, and the minutes from the last meeting.

I would like to invite you all to our next Friends of Bell Street Park meeting on Monday, March 10 4 pm @ Belltown Community Center. You all have been identified as people who have either attended a previous meeting or have been recognized by other in the neighborhood as being interested in creating a vibrant park in Belltown. At this meeting we would like to talk about the purpose of the group and how you can be a part of it, give input on activities that you would like to see and for us to let you know what is planned in the park for the 2014 series.

January 2014 Meeting Minutes

March 2014 Agenda

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  1. Hey Justin, thanks for posting this!

    Lots of neighbors have been wondering what we can do to activate that space — so far it looks like nothing but a vast slab of beige concrete. Ironically, the interesting bits are around Local 360’s alley, where tires started to leave somewhat interesting designs against the otherwise boring concrete.

    I know we have to wait for the “park” to grow out — but lots of us are still missing the mature trees that sacrificed for the broad mall. Hoping there’s a plan for regular street life to emerge. I don’t think it’s going to spontaneously emerge from what seems more like a suburban mall than an urban park.

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