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Free Jazz show in Belltown! This Sunday July 12th, 8pm

The Downstairs Lounge of the space formerly known as Tabella Nightclub, now Mars Hill Church, will be hosting a free Jazz Show this Sunday, July 12th. Included are complimentary european cheeses, chocolates, a featured visual artist, and Jazz Quartet  all in this candelit lounge with cozy seating! Sweet. These folks hosted a happy hour at Buckleys last week where over 60 people packed the bar. So expect a fun evening of meeting and mingling with neighbors, or just relaxing on a couch and listening to some good music, while eating cheese of course!

Thought process: Free, Jazz, Cheese, Chocolate, well i’ll definitely be there! Make sure to say hi if you see me, even if my mouth is stuffed full of cheese. 🙂