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Founders Day Festival-Vendor News

Yipee & Hey Hoo Rah!

Thanks to a very generous donor, vendor prices for the festival have been cut dramatically!

 40.00 a day, or both days for 60.00 per space (space fits a 10×10 tent that the vendor needs to supply themselves)


if you won’t be setting up a tent? table space will be available for 15.00 each day (table space is approx 4×8)

The prices have been lowered to encourage smaller crafters, artists and even individuals to sell their wares. It was the donors intention to create a more authentic vintage flea market feel, with a wider variety of vendors and products. Almost anything can be sold, and thus almost anything can be found, from the finest hand crafted silver jewelry to someones collection of rare vinyl.

 So if you know someone, or just have an apartment full of stuff in need of a new home, head over to and print out the vendor app, hurry there are only 88 spaces in the two primary vendor sections. And as always with the festival, if your a 501c non-profit there are spaces available for free. to find the vendor application, and find sponsorship info.